Team Apparel

• SWIM FLORIDA clothing and merchandise is available for sale at most team events and
   by contacting Corita Cranfield at (239) 848-2488,

• Team swimsuits, parkas, warm up jackets, warm up pants, tee shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts
   are available through the Team Store link on our website.

• Personalized SWIM FLORIDA red silicone caps are ordered twice a year, generally in the fall and
   spring. A minimum team order is required. Cost $30 for 2 caps.
   Any questions, call Corita on (239) 848-2488

• Items can be taken to Renegades (239) 275-6720 and embroidered with our team logo.

• We are a Speedo team, so please purchase Speedo products when able.

• Shop Swim Outlet. Click on the link below and SWIM FLORIDA will earn a percentage of sales.